Are you a toilet rental company looking to expand your current selection? 

In a few years the Lapee female urinal has taken Europe by storm.

Women pee more frequently than men due to their smaller bladders. Despite this women have fewer toilet options available in the public space.

At Lapee we say no more.

Join our worldwide crusade in bringing women’s urinals around the globe!


Did you know?

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Of the queues to the women’s toilets are people waiting to pee.


The product has been validated by various festivals.

It has been thoroughly tested and optimised for handling, transportation cleaning and storage.

Lapee urinals can be connected to sewage for indefinite use. 

1100L stand-alone tanks can be used in locations where sewers are inaccessible.


Lapee is designed to provide cover for someone peeing squatting, whereas someone standing would be exposed.

The openess of the shape keeps it efficient and functional, while the privacy can be adjusted by arranging the units together.

While peeing, their eyesight is at the same level as a standing person.

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