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“Lapee gives women and people who need to pee squatting a quick, safe and hygienic way out.”

Urinals for men have been around for a long time, but women and people who need to pee squatting have been long overlooked. For them the need to relieve themselves in public, at events or at festivals always comes with great difficulty. The lines for closed toilet cabins are always long and only two other options present themselves: going without peeing or finding an improvised and unsafe place to pee. Both are highly problematic and degrading.


 A simple solution

Lapee is a simple solution to a long standing example of gender inequality; Lapee gives women and people who need to pee squatting a quick, safe and hygienic way out.

Lapee is pink and easy to spot. It can accommodate three users at a time. The curved walls offer privacy and protection while never feeling inclosed. The elevated position offers empowerment and makes it easy to oversee the nearby area.


A sustainable choice 

Lapee is a simple and sustainable choice in the sanitation industry. It is a very durable product with a long lifetime. It is made of recyclable materials and uses no water. Lapee is also stackable, in order to save carbon emissions from transportation. Lapee is touch-free and it comes with an integrated hand-sanitiser. Due to it’s open structure, Lapee is auto-ventilated and extremely easy to clean which makes it the right choice for public spaces and outdoor events. 

The idea 

Today the company is run by founder Gina Perier, but behind this idea of developing peeing equality are Gina (FR) and Alexander (DK), two architects who graduated from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark,  spring  2017.

The dynamic pair started working together early on, both as student workers at COBE architecture office and as volunteer architects, installation designers and area planners for Roskilde Festival, DK. There, both observed the need to provide a safe and hygienic way out for women and people who need to pee squatting.


Ready to be distributed

This enthusiastic vision, sprung from their friendship and work experiences, came to the founding of their company, Lapee. Answering a basic need, Lapee is the first and female version of the popular gray urinal called « rocket » or « tulip » which is widely and internationally distributed. The female urinal is designed to be distributed to rental companies, events and municipalities. Lapee guarantees a simple use: made in the same manufacturing process, the urinals are transported, maintained and cleaned easily and intuitively.

Gina Périer

Founder and CEO
+45 93 94 51 54

Lapee ApS<br>CVR 39152592
Lapee ApS
CVR 39152592
About Lapee

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