About Lapee

Lapee was founded to improve gender equality by giving womxn the right to pee in a secure and clean environment.

As one has certainly noticed or experienced, when it comes to pee, festivals or any outdoor events, are usually under equipped for womxn. At least, that’s what have found and experienced the founders of Lapee, who over time, observed how nightmarish becomes this situation for womxn when toilets get pressured. Here, womxn usually face the dilemma of getting in an insanely long queue or, an improvised, unsafe, unhygienic and very degrading backup plan commonly known as « hiding between two cars » or « hiding behind the bushes ».

Behind this idea of developing womxn safety are Gina (FR) and Alexander (DK), two architects who graduated from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen in Spring, 2017.

The dynamic pair started working together early on, both as student workers at COBE architecture office and as volunteer architects, installation designers and area planners for Roskilde Festival, DK. There, both observed the need to provide a secure environment, a safe and hygienic place for womxn to pee.

This enthusiastic vision, sprung from their friendship and work experiences, came to the founding of their company, Lapee. Answering womxn basic needs, Lapee is the first and female version of the popular gray urinal called « rocket » or « tulip » which is widely and internationally distributed. The female urinal is designed to be distributed to rental companies, events and overall, the industry itself. Lapee guarantees a simple use: made in the same manufacturing process, the urinals are transported, maintained and cleaned always in the same way. Furthermore, Lapee’s stackable materials enable to reduce carbon emissions when shipped and transported.

Gina Périer

Founder and CEO
+45 93 94 51 54

Alexander Egebjerg

Founder and COO
+45 31 31 03 30

Lapee ApS<br>CVR 39152592
Lapee ApS
CVR 39152592
About Lapee

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